The Changing Landscape of Online Travel: Google vs. Legacy OTAs

The Changing Landscape of Online Travel: Google vs. Legacy OTAs

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I hope you're doing well, especially since this topic hits quite close to your professional interests. So, let's dive into the intriguing world of online travel and how Google is shaking up the industry!
In recent years, we've witnessed a significant shift in the online travel market. Traditional giants like Booking.comExpedia Group, and Tripadvisor are facing some tough competition from an unexpected source – Google. As someone deeply immersed in the hospitality business, I'm sure you've got a front-row seat to this fascinating development.

Google's Entry into Online Travel
It's no secret that Google is a tech behemoth, and when it sets its sights on a new sector, the industry takes notice. In the case of online travel, Google's ambitions have been brewing for a while, and the pandemic only accelerated their digital transformation.
Google now offers a plethora of travel-related services, from flight and hotel searches to vacation rentals and local attractions. The integration of these services into its search engine is seamless, giving users a one-stop-shop experience. Google has successfully leveraged its search dominance to grab a piece of the online travel pie.

What Does This Mean for Legacy OTAs?
Legacy OTAs have been the go-to platforms for travelers for years. However, with Google's growing influence, they are under pressure to adapt or face irrelevance. Google's user-centric approach provides travelers with more options and flexibility. This shift has forced traditional OTAs to rethink their strategies, marketing, and partnerships.

Loopon's Unique Advantage
As the Head of Sales & Marketing at Loopon, I’m well aware of the importance of innovation and adapting to industry changes. Loopon has a unique advantage in this evolving landscape with its ability to post replies directly to the source. In a world where direct interaction is paramount, Loopon is your ace in the hole. Through Loopon, you as a hotelier can post replies to all reviews left on Google Reviews simply by clicking on "REPLY" inside our system. Together with our powerful AI plugin this gives you un unprecedented advantage in staying on top of recommended destinations on Google.

Opinion Time
Now, speaking of opinions, I'd say that while Google's entry is undoubtedly changing the game, it doesn't spell the end for legacy OTAs. There's still room for specialized services, personalization, and unique travel experiences. It's an exciting time to be in the hospitality industry, and staying nimble and open to change is essential.

In the end, your goal of staying on top and being the best hotelier you can be applies to Loopon as well. Embracing these industry changes and finding ways to thrive in the evolving landscape will contribute to both your hotel's and Loopon's success.
So, keep an eye on Google, keep innovating with Loopon, and, most importantly, keep sharing your passion for hotels and hospitality. The future of online travel is still unfolding, and your expertise will play a crucial role in shaping it.

Cheers to an exciting journey ahead!
(and don't forget to book a demo with me to learn more about Loopon here)

By the pen,
Mathias Sabel
Head of Sales & Marketing

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