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Imagine all your guest communication in one place; Guest satisfaction benchmarking against your competitors based on both internal and external sources, combined with economic performance analysis.



Loopon's vision is to help hotels exceed the expectations of every guest.

Our philosophy is that getting feedback from a thousand guests on a few key parameters is more important than getting feedback from a few guests on a thousand parameters.

The vision guides everything we do, even the act of providing post-stay feedback should be a delight for the guest. Add the TripAdvisor Review Collection module to simultaneously increase the number of TripAdvisor answers dramatically.


When it comes to being responsive to guests - we believe the sooner the better.

By providing hotels with a convenient tool for taking immediate action on potential issues, we help create happier guests and higher online review scores.

The in-stay module gives guests the possibility to easily communicate with the hotel using their phones or computers while they are in the hotel.


While post-stay questionnaires measure your actual guest satisfaction, keeping track of your online profile is essential for understanding what the world sees.

By aggregating all that’s said online - and showing how it correlates to revenue - we give hotels the true image & impact of online reputation.

Loopon will automatically track all relevant online sources for you, giving you reports and actionable key values that actually matter for your online presence.


Feedback management on the go.

Get your guests’ opinions right in your pocket. Being able to quickly see & respond to guest feedback is key to exceeding your guests’ expectations time after time.

Reply to guests in an instant regardless of where they provided their feedback, using pre-configured reply templates to minimise time spent writing answers.