Live Messaging • Real-time Feedback

The simplest way to increase guest satisfaction scores

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Get real-time feedback from within your hotel – and take action immediately.

 Loopon In-Stay is a real-time feedback and messaging tool to recover service and improve satisfaction while your guest is still on site. Guests can login to WiFi or scan a QR code to leave feedback, or communicate with you directly via SMS or WhatsApp about their experiences.

Real-time Feedback.

A single customer service complaint is heard by twice as many people as positive reviews for good service. With In-Stay feedback, you can find out how a guest's experience is going – with just one quick question - to fix any issues before they leave. Prevent negative reviews before they happen and turn passive guests into promoters.

Unobtrusive to customers, so they’re happy to leave feedback.
Easy to scale. Implement it the same way as you grow. 
• Quick for staff to action – with option to set up customer auto-replies.
• Insight-rich, thanks to feedback tracking and reporting.
• Complete when integrated with any other data sources.
• Enterprise-wide, so you can get group-wide trend and performance measurement.

Real-time Messaging - Communication made right.

As technology develops, so do hotel guests' expectations. Communication today is far from what is was only ten years ago. Real-time chat via SMS or WhatsApp opens up a new kind of dialogue with the modern hotel guest, where the traveller seamlessly can communicate with the hotel right from her phone

With the real-time chat we help you streamline how new guest requests are handled, while the amount of phone-calls & reception conversations overall decrease. The result is a faster and more efficient service.

Find & solve problems faster than ever before.

Detect and solve problems in real-time. There is nothing worse than receiving a negative review when it could have easily been avoided. Enable live communication streams with your guests to ensure that they have everything they need and can enjoy their stay to the fullest. Save time and costs while turning your guests into returning customers.

Minimise negative reviews on OTAs.

By using a tool to handle negative comments while your guests are still in the hotel, you will reduce the probability that the comments reach OTAs and damage your hotel’s reputation and future bookings. Your guests are likely to receive better service and enjoy their stay more, leading to likely positive reviews.