Enhancing the Guest Experience with QR Codes

Enhancing the Guest Experience with QR Codes

QR codes offer a unique and instant way to arrive at a digital destination. Within the hospitality industry, they’re becoming increasingly popular and provide an opportunity to enhance the overall guest experience.


First developed in 1994, QR codes were primed for worldwide usage in 2010 when the first QR code readers on smartphones were available. Now, nearly a decade later, QR codes are becoming more and more common and many industries are starting to take advantage of the usefulness of the application.


It is estimated that over 5 billion people own a mobile device of some sort. If you own a smartphone specifically, you likely have a built in QR code reader in your camera. Companies around the world are putting this technology to use to make it more fun and interactive for their customers while also easily communicating information.


Application to the Guest Journey


Let’s face it, with the use of smartphones consumers today are generally impatient and expect instant information. QR codes present one of the quickest ways to reach an online destination. Rather than having to type in a website address yourself, simply point your camera towards a QR code and click on the link in less than a second.


This application can be great for providing additional information, for example in the lobby when staff aren’t around or at any moment around the check-in. Simply scan the code and go to an information page within seconds, keeping everything digital. Alternative solutions are sending automatic welcome messages via text.


While traditionally feedback is after checkout and once the guest stay is over, collecting feedback throughout the stay can enhance the overall guest experience as it gives hotels a chance to respond to feedback and improve during the guest stay. In addition, it provides additional touchpoints with guests and more opportunities for them to assess their stay, including factors such as check-in, room standard, breakfast and much more. Of course, QR codes can also be used to collect feedback after the stay in a more fun and interactive way before the guest completes the checkout and has left the hotel.


QR Code Solution | Loopon | Feedback Solution from Loopon on Vimeo.

Strategic Placement


QR codes can be placed strategically in different locations. Want to receive feedback on the room standard? Place the QR code on a note inside the room or by the door. Want to receive feedback on the quality of the breakfast? Have a card with the QR code by the table. QR codes can be placed nearly at any place where you’d like to collect feedback. This includes checkout. Often guests put the guest stay behind them once they’ve left the hotel and aren’t as willing to respond to a survey a few days later. By scanning a QR code they can reply the minute they checkout. QR codes can also be used for specific occasions, such as a conference hosted at your hotel, or for the award-winning restaurant. All of these uses add makes giving feedback more fun and interactive for the guests while it allows the hotel to receive feedback that can be used to improve the overall guest experience.


Other QR code uses include passing contact details, viewing a food menu, redeeming a coupon or connecting to wifi. QR codes provide unique opportunities and ways to communicate information that add value to the guest experience.


QR code solution


Loopon offers a QR code feedback solution, both for during the guest stay (In-Stay) and after the guest stay (Post-Stay). In addition, the QR codes can also lead directly to questionnaires for conference participants or restaurant visitors, providing additional opportunities.


Ready to get started? Get in touch with us today to get started and enhance the guest experience as well as collect feedback with the use of QR codes.



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