Loopon & Spectra Integration - Now compatible with Pre-stay Upselling

Loopon & Spectra Integration - Now compatible with Pre-stay Upselling

We are excited to announce that our integration with long-time friends at SPECTRA SYSTEMS is now compatible with Loopon Upselling and available immediately.

Loopon and SPECTRA SYSTEMS integration dates back all the way to 2015 when hotels using the PMS could first begin using Loopon's Post-stay feedback features. Today, hotels all around Scandinavia can now enjoy automated Upselling through Loopon pre-stay thanks to the improved integration.


About Upselling

The concept of Upselling is becoming more and more valued within the hospitality industry as it's a way for guests to customise their stay while hotels can make additional revenue. With Loopon's Upselling feature, hotels can easily create their own unique offers such as room upgrades or breakfast deals and send out to guests prior to their arrival. The guest will choose their favourite offers and the hotel can easily approve/reject the requests with a single click. The feature is also available on Loopon's native iOS app, adding extra convenience. Results are tracked through a dashboard demonstrating all of the main KPIs, top-performing offers and much more.



SPECTRA SYSTEMS is a leading provider of IT solutions for hotels, conferences and resorts. They are currently the most used system in Denmark and the fastest growing in Scandinavia. With a strong team of developers and high competency within IT and strategy, SPECTRA offers a very trustworthy and reliable PMS for hotels and conferences. SPECTRA takes pride in not only their advanced technology but also their excellent service and support.


About Loopon

Loopon is on a mission to provide hotels with the best holistic approach to digital guest communication in one beautiful, easy-to-use system. Automatic Upselling emails, real-time Messaging solutions, post-stay Feedback and autopilot Marketing emails, all integrated in a single platform. Loopon is ideal for hotels looking to enhance the guest experience and to improve their reputation, revenue and results.



Does your hotel use SPECTRA SYSTEMS? Get started today!


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