Meet Loopon’s Food & Beverage Solution

Meet Loopon’s Food & Beverage Solution

Loopon now offers a Food & Beverage Feedback solution for restaurants and venues looking to measure and improve their guest satisfaction.

For over a decade Loopon has been helping hotels around the world with collecting feedback from their guests. Today, restaurants can do the same. With the help of QR codes, restaurants can smartly collect feedback in real-time from all of their guests and visitors. More than ever during a tough time for restaurants, hotels and venues, listening to every guest has never been more crucial.


A common problem for restaurants is collecting feedback. Sure, you can ask the guest “how was your food?” but it’s uncommon to receive more than a friendly comment and no quantitative data. There are online review platforms where more guests are starting to give feedback, but it’s still only a small sample. More often than not only guests who felt strongly enough to leave an outstanding review or someone who had a very negative experience will leave a review. The problem that restaurants face, unlike hotels, is that they don’t have a way to contact the guest. Once they're out the door, they are no longer contactable. 


QR Code - Real-time feedback

QR codes change all of that. It only takes guests a couple of seconds to scan a QR code and be taken to a feedback form where they can rate their dinner experience. This allows the guest to rate their experience while it’s still fresh. The guest can rate the food, service, music and even the lighting - the restaurant can choose their own questions. The feedback is immediately delivered to the restaurant who can make adjustments and improvements based on what the guests truly think.


Key Benefits & Value

The benefits and perks are many, ranging from it being a fully mobile-friendly solution, easy-to-answer survey with no contact information necessary. The surveys are customisable and can be kept to a single page that can be answered in 30 seconds or less. Collecting feedback in real-time has never been easier. You can collect feedback from guests that come in without making a reservation as no prior contact details is required. The feedback results will directly appear in the Loopon system where you can analyse results and identify areas of improvement for each specific part of the restaurant.


Collecting feedback allows for restaurants to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement. By identifying what the guests truly value, the restaurant can prioritise and allocate resources to areas that the guests value the most, leading to additional revenue and enhanced guest experiences. Identifying the areas of the restaurant (such as service or food) that are most important to the guests can see the restaurant continue to exceed expectations and reach new heights.


The QR code solution also addresses a very serious issue of passing on bacteria. By scanning the QR codes on your own device, you are reducing the risk of passing on bacteria as you would by touching a shared device or terminal. Simply scan the QR code on your own device without touching a shared object.


How it Works

1. Restaurant prints QR codes for the restaurant visitors to scan (at the table, by the entrance/exit, with the check)

2. Visitor scans QR code with smartphone

3. Visitor provides feedback and submits within seconds

4. Restaurant receives feedback in Loopon system

5. Restaurant reviews, analyses and acts on incoming feedback to improve operations



Print a table card or brochure with the QR code on them and leave on each of the tables. The guests can easily scan the codes and rate their experience at the end of the meal. If you don’t want to have the QR code at the table during the entire meal, place it there towards the end of the meal.



Have a strategically-placed sign with a QR code for the guests to scan on their way out or have a member of your staff kindly ask the guests to leave feedback by giving them a printed QR code to scan on their way out.


Leave a printed QR code with the bill, for example in the so-called check presenter. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can always print the QR code on the bill itself.


Let’s get started!

During a very difficult time for the hospitality industry, we're offering the first month completely free of charge. Get in touch with the Loopon team to get started straight away. Listen to your guests in real-time in order to know how to improve your restaurant.

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