Pre- and In-Stay Features in Loopon Let Guests Design Their Hotel Experience

Pre- and In-Stay Features in Loopon Let Guests Design Their Hotel Experience

Aligned with our vision of helping hotels to exceed the expectations of each and every guest, we now give guests the possibility to have a say in the design of their hotel experience, before and during their stay. We believe that when guests are given the opportunity to enhance their stay and tailor it according to their wishes & needs, the experience becomes a more memorable one and the hotel succeeds in increasing the life quality of the guests. Furthermore, when guests get the possibility to give feedback during their stay, hotels are able to solve problems and reap opportunities that would otherwise be lost, which also results in happier guests.

As we keep working on improving the hotel experience for guests, the new pre- and in-stay features have proven to create true win-win situations for everyone involved. Keep reading to find out why!


What do guests get out of this? Guests that are able to choose extra services, upgrade their rooms and provide in-stay feedback, have the advantage of being able to adapt the stay to their specific needs. Let’s explain this with a practical example:  

Anna, a business traveler, books a room 2 months in advance. When the date is approaching, the hotel politely reminds her of the stay and gives her the possibility to order breakfast in bed and make a reservation in the hotel restaurant, among other services. Since Anna has already been traveling for a week, and her back is starting to hurt, she decides to book a massage at the hotel spa. Next day, while sitting in the conference, Anna realizes she will need some extra space to rehearse her speech for next day and is able to easily book a meeting room with a click. She is also able to give feedback about the fact that there were not enough towels in the room. Anna has been able to modify her stay according to her needs and she even notices that the hotel has reacted to her comments since there are now extra towels in the room. By actively listening to Anna, the hotel has been able to deliver a more personalized experience, and Anna is a more satisfied guest. 


What do hotels get out of this? First and foremost, hotels are able to create happy guests and therefore loyalty, the greatest asset any hotel can and should aim to have. But apart from this, hotels can reap the benefits of upselling and cross-selling opportunities, which translates into higher profitability. Hotels are also able to accumulate rich guest data, which comes in handy for future personalization. This presents a win-win situation for hotels: more satisfied guests and more profitability. Let’s again put a practical example:

The Brave Vikings Hotel offers two different types of rooms: standard rooms and suites. The hotel also has a restaurant driven by a renowned chef, a small shop selling handcrafted products, and they even offer a day-tour around the village. Brave Vikings Hotel thinks that both guests and themselves are not taking full advantage out of these services. Therefore, they decide to start sending pre-arrival emails, not only to greet guests before arrival, but also to make them aware of the offers and give them the possibility to book online at any stage of their visit. The hotel also happens to use these pre-arrival emails to promote upgrades at tempting prices when all standard rooms are sold out, they still have suites available and they see a potential for selling more of the lower-cost room types. When guests decide to upgrade their rooms, standard rooms free up and the hotel is able to sell them again at the same price. The results become clear to them quite quickly: within a month, the small shop starts getting much more attention and there is a clear increase in online reservations of the restaurant and the organized tour, and therefore an increase in total revenue. Most interestingly, after a year of sending pre-arrival emails, Brave Vikings Hotel's RevPAR has experienced a real boost. 

We want to give hotels the tools to provide their guests with a better and more exciting guest journey. Loopon offers a new way in which hotels can offer their services, and guests can upgrade or book as desired, as well as give real-time feedback upon different hotel areas at any stage of their stay. We give guests an easy and simple way to do so: without the need for downloads, guests just have to access an email or sms they receive when checking in. Our goal is to let hotels offer a delightful way for guests to design their own stay and to be able to solve guest problems before check-out. By taking this step forward, we are making it possible for hotels to show that they truly care about their guests before, during and after their stay! 

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