A success story: Hotel Cort

A success story: Hotel Cort

At Loopon we enjoy seeing how our customers are doing, and how their efforts reflect on their NPS. Hotel Cort in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, is an example of a hotel that has achieved a very high Net Promoter Score in the past year, and has been awarded by Booking.com for having achieved an overall score of 9,5 for 2015! As Booking.com puts it, “a score of 10 represents the dedication to providing an exceptional experience for each and every guest”. Hotel Cort is certainly doing very well!

We wanted to hear what it is that they are doing to lead the way and how they are benefitting from Loopon, so we decided to ask them some questions. Keep reading to get some valuable tips!

What do you think has been decisive in getting the Booking.com award for 2015?

Attention to details and attention to details, having a crew that knows and cares about our guests. Also, we do have some suites where again, attention to details have been the main focus. 

What do you think your guests most value from your hotel, and how do you keep pleasing them?

Having good “hardware” such as our rooms & suites, our restaurant and the location gives the team confidence in their personal service. They are able to “understand” the guests, and their specific needs. Because we are such a small hotel, we do get to “know” each guest better, hence we are able to provide the service that is intended to exceed their expectations. However, I have to stress that in order to succeed it is very important to have a clear strategy in constructing the hotel and creating a design and a unique feeling to the hotel.

How do you think that Loopon has helped overall in the management of Cort? And in your day-to-day tasks? 

The best way to motivate the team is to give them real feedback from the guests. By sharing this feedback with all the team, they get a better understanding of what is important for the guests and they can thus participate in enhancing our services and products when necessary. The system makes it easy to share the information with the team and for them to respond. It also boosts the probability that guests post recommendations through other online channels.

What are some tips you would give to hoteliers that want to increase their NPS score and boost recommendations? 

I guess it must be what I have mentioned above: attention to details, remember that both guests and staff are individuals. Keep the hardware in shape and have a clear picture of who you are, who you represent. Try to share the information with the team, since each and every person is important in order to succeed and make the guests leave the hotel so content that they want to come back and recommend us to others!

Hotel Cort is run by Tone Adserö, from Norway. She are devoted to great service and has thereby managed to attain impressive results. Loopon has helped her to keep employees motivated and informed about what they can do in order to exceed guests’ expectations.


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